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The next stage

It has been a very interesting week at Craig’s Table; each group of participants now averages 2 people who grab hold of the future and bring it into being. 
This week was no different, this week some workers compensation officials arrived to discus “the next stage” with of the participants. 
What was different was the approach the officials took, one of them “asked permission” to enter into a conversation about all that is possible, there wasn’t any pre-written plan or preconceived outcome, there was just a tour of Craig’s Table; everything from the various rooms (The Quiet Room, The Chat Room, the Break-out Room, The Training Room, The “Lounge Room”) the then Community Garden and the Opportunity Shop and the hen run, then the worm farm and where the native bees will go when they arrive in October, the whole time the chatting continued. At this stage it was just a tour of Craig’s Table with the placement being the “tour guide” and answering all the questions that came and added the part…

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