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Time to run

We often wonder why it is that our thinking shapes itself in a way that to many others appears foreign and even ourselves ponder why it is that concepts fill our thoughts first in fragments that have no apparent connection. 
For me growing up as the youngest of 7 I had the influence from my brothers and sisters all who expected one thing of me as quickly as possible “I had to be able to keep up and go the distance” no matter what the challenge was. For me that meant getting involved in a lot of sport training, my brothers and sisters all played sport, somewhere in a family photo album there is a photo of me playing tennis with my sister who is 13 years older than me, the tennis racquet is actually bigger than I was at the time. By the time I was in my teens I had only 2 pair of shoes that I would willingly wear- a pair of cross-country distance running cleats and a pair of basketball boots. 
The bus ride home from school each afternoon only had 2 stops. The first stop by the main road w…

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