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A Rule about Rules

By Judge David Langham In February 2020 the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) published Could We Live in a World Without Rules? This headline pulled me in. Coincidentally, later that day, I spent a lot of time around the attendees at the Florida Office of Judges of Compensation Claims annual workers’ compensation seminar in Tallahassee. For several years now, I have frankly lost count, the Florida OJCC has presented an annual free winter seminar in Tallahassee. Though it is intended to benefit those in state government who deal with workers’ compensation, it attracts attorneys from Pensacola to Jacksonville to Miami. 2020 was another great program. The convergence of that program with the BBC article was coincidental and striking.
Overheard in conversation at the conference: “Rule ______ needs to be more strongly worded, with specific examples.” “Rule ______ is clear, but most attorneys do not follow it.” “Rule ______ leaves too much discretion to the Judge, and therefore it is hard t…

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