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What a week it was?

By David Langham
There are a great many topics that are worthy of attention and discussion. I rarely struggle to blog, because the topics are everywhere. One of the blogging greats and I had a conversation about that at the Comp Laude Gala program yesterday. As we merrily chatted about blogging, we immersed in our world and those around us dimmed. Blogging is a topic that can engross us because it has become part of what we do. I have struggled with it. My posts are longer than many. And, admittedly, are just not as entertaining or funny as some. 
I wish my blogs were more humorous and entertaining, but that is not me. I envy the way that other bloggers like Bob Wilson weave their humanity and lives into their writing. That ability was one of the traits I admired most about David DePaolo. His life was on display in his writing, from his involvement with charity to the struggles of his aging parents. My writing is not about me, in that way. From my perspective, there is simply no less in…

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