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Frustration and Determination

(The Fight of Two Wolves Within You)

I am sitting here tonight with a multitude of thoughts running rampant through my mind. For the first time since the end of 2015 I am meant to be on holiday; only my thoughts and frustrations don’t seem to understand that holiday means to stop and not think about work or what needs to be done or even who needs to be doing what. The reason for this turmoil if that is what it is is that a Report into the Australian workers compensation system was released yesterday. Injured worker experiences of insurance claim processes and return to work: a national, cross-sectional study The upside of the Report is that it has been published, the down side is that it doesn’t tell me or any other member of the injured worker community anything that we did not already know. Workers compensation is simply not supportive or person-centric for a significant number of accepted claimants.  What is frustrating for me is that I have lost count of how many conferences, seminars…

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