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A Christmas Carol – revisited

By: Steve Cattolica, SC Advocates & CWCSA
Changing one’s mind takes time - and sometimes forced opportunity. Ask Ebenezer Scrooge. Often, we run out of time to even create the opportunity; to step back and see a bigger picture. Just as often it seems, we don’t want to see a bigger picture, we do not see the purpose or value in doing so. Besides, if the picture gets too big, one loses control of the environment. We hunker down in our “money changing hole” as Marley reminds Scrooge. If our ox is gored by change, there’s no way we will consider it. Ebenezer’s story comes around once a year to remind us that what has been, is not what must always be. Over the three plus decades of my career in workers’ compensation, discussions about legislation and regulation, policy and procedure, costs and financing, claims and medical care, claims and the legal community and between injured workers and their employers haven’t changed too much. Details may change – especially across state lines and whe…

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