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National & Texas Workers’ Compensation Trends

By Greg McKenna, SVP/Director of Communication, Gallagher Bassett

Greg McKenna, always an interesting presenter, presented a fast-paced thought-provoking review of what has transpired over the past four years or so in the workers’ comp industry from a national perspective. 
Greg took us on a fun journey to “binge watch” a new popular series currently on streaming media: House of Comp. A GB Original Series. For those of you not familiar, it is a political drama...all about money, power & influence. In this fictional intense political drama, factions take sides for the fate of workers’ compensation in the U.S. 

Backdrop 2015: Towards the end of Obama’s 2nd Term...Propublica’s Demolition of Workers’ Comp. Investigative reporters took a very serious look at whether or not the state-by-state workers’ comp system should be reconsidered. Featuring the Lobbyists of the Vesuvius Project. While it is a very interesting look into the wide variances in state-by-state workers’ comp systems, Greg …

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