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Avoiding Falls in the Construction Industry

By: Ted Richards Shareholder, Stander Reubens Thomas Kinsey
If you have worked in workers’ compensation, you have probably handled a serious or fatal fall case at some point in your career. Falls bring unique dangers and costs to both the worker and the employer, and they are particularly common in the construction industry.
According to a recent article in Claims Journal, construction injuries involving falls represent more than 30 percent of all construction claims payments made by Nationwide, based on a review of over 10,000 workers’ compensation claims over a five-year period. Nationwide’s data indicates that falls from elevated surfaces are more costly than any other injury claim, due to lost time and the prevalence of injury to multiple body parts.  However, the study also notes that falls from any height are dangerous – one in three fatal falls in construction were found to occur from 15 feet or less.
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