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FEAR = Face Everything And Rise

Written by: Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson
Each day is a challenge, the degree of challenge depends on many things, for me it starts before I open my eyes, I wiggle my toes, they move; that is a good sign. It means that I still have movement, for an incomplete paraplegic the wiggle of toes is important. The rest of the day is spent doing ordinary everyday things with the participants at Craig’s Table, everything from sharing endless cups of tea as others talk from the depth of their hearts about the cares and concerns and their fears.
One just recently talked about the fear of not being able to do a lot of things with grandchildren. The concern in her mind was real, the tears that flowed were real, the heartache was very real. We spoke about how even though I have several grandchildren the lack of dexterity in my hands and the lack of strength in my arms has meant that as new borns I was never able to reach into their cot and pick them up. So; we discussed the many different ways to achieve…

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